Saturday, September 22, 2007

Stride Stretch

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If you have a cat, or a dog, you've seen them do this one. It's also great to gain more flexibility for Dance or Martial Arts moves (like the back-kick). You've probably done the stationary version of this called the "kick-back", but this ain't your same ol'; you've got to move with this one!

Cross Strides

Amazing Animal Workout 12 - Gain Gorilla Strength! - The best video clips are here

This will give you and intense cardio-burn and develop your agility. LOL, You'll really look like a monkey doing this one, but it's very effective!

Squat Sprawls

Amazing Animal Workout 9 - Gain Gorilla Strength! - The best home videos are here

This one closely emulates the bio-mechanics of frog movement. It's cardio, strength and agility rolled into one.


Amazing Animal Workout 11 - Gain Gorilla Strength! - The funniest movie is here. Find it

This is a very effective warm-up technique that strengthens and stretches the body, simultaneously. You can also use it to cool down at the end of your workout.

Dog Push Ups or Indian Push ups

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This is a classic move from Yoga. Incidentally, a good portion of Yoga was also based on animal movement, similar to Shaolin Kung Fu.

Press Up - Dip Up

Amazing New Workout 1 - The best free videos are right here

This one is also called the "Turning Crab" - it's like a Six-Step from breakdancing but it's not six steps, only two.

Baby Broncos

Amazing New Workout 2 - The funniest videos are a click away

This isn't a real Bronco, but it's a great way to work up to it, and make no mistakes -- you will feel this one!!